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MBA in a Box: The Gamebook

We are incredibly proud to announce that our hard-working team has created MBA in a Box: the Gamebook!

Are you up for some entrepreneurial decision-making and fun?Do you want to walk in the shoes of a start-up founder whose daily routine is fighting off competitors and being “The Boss”?

Do you want to learn what a company run by You could be priced as after completing this simulated scenario?Then there is good news for you!

Download the book here!

In MBA in a Box: the Gamebook you will brush head to head with  MARKETING STRATEGY and business strategy. You will make decisions that shape your company and establish your managerial approach. You will also need to negotiate your way out of situations.

Our Gamebook turns learning and practicing the MBA subjects we teach you in our course into an interactive adventure of a whole different kind!

Get reading!

(And don’t worry… You can give the book a try even if you haven’t taken our preparatory course MBA in a Box: Business Lessons from a CEO. But if you want to ensure you’ll be making the right calls, then you should start there first.)

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