The essential packing list for trekking the himalayas

In my most recent article: 17 things they don’t tell you about trekking the Himalayas.  I tell you the raw, dirty and dark truths about trekking. I hope I didn’t steer you away. I hope you realized that trekking the Himalayas is an experience of a lifetime. It’s a MUST DO and something you absolutely have to EXPERIENCE!

With that being said, I figured it would only be right for me to share a packing list in hopes that you do join me from  May 9th- 24th in Nepal when I will be running my first transformational trip. – hehe, you see what I did there… 

No, seriously though, this list is EVERYTHING you will need to make your trip easy, comfortable and worry-free. I have to cover, I promise! Just bring what I suggest here and you will be good to go!

Because this trip is a metaphor to life, you won’t be needing a lot. You will only need the necessities. Trust me when I tell you… I got rid of a lot of things during this trek that I didn’t need to carry. Don’t bring anything you know you won’t be needing with 100% certainty. It’s easier to carry less and only what you need instead of having to throw away the extra that you brought along!

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